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Bikepacking India Covid - 19 Guide

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Travel & Adventure Industry in the advent of Covid 19

Like numerous other industries right now our Adventure travel & hospitality industry seems to be the worst hit at the time of this global pandemic. Yet on the positive side of things, given the nature of our work, dealing with a crisis of any level falls directly under the core competency of each individual from this Industry.

As of 25 April 2021, we are stopping all our tours until the restrictions are lifted by the authorities. We will be introducing self guided tours to all our bike rental customers for free.

We are offering our weekly & monthly bike rental services through free home delivery and hourly & daily rentals at our store between 0600 AM to 0900 AM.

Taking cognizance into the COVID-19 Emergency in Jaipur we are taking all precautions to ensure health & safety of our team, customers and the entire community.

In this article we have described all Covid-19 standards & practices being followed at all cycling and adventure services at Bikepacking India.

Cycles delivered at home - Out of Door (OOD) Service

We are introducing Out of Door bicycle rental service as part of our many COVID - 19 preparations. We are offering limited time free home delivery on our monthly & weekly bike rentals & out of door handovers at our store (at the curb) for hourly and daily rentals.

Our bikes, helmets & other accessories are washed and sanitized after each use, all contact parts in the cycles are sprayed with alcohol based sanitized before handing over the bicycles.

Zero Touch Practice will be followed to ensure minimum physical exchange. Our bikes are handed over after custom fitting the bike according to customer height & weight several hours in advance before delivery/ handover.

Cycling in a lockdown (Reinvent Daily Practices)

All Bikepacking India staff follow a set pattern of general screenings, our mechanical staff are given paid sick leaves in case of any noticeable symptoms. Our screening & isolation policy also extends to the delivery partners & external teams that we hire for our operations.

All our store staff & our delivery partners, repeatedly undergo COVID - 19 training & counselling to ensure smooth following of all necessary procedures.

Employees are required to wear masks at all times & rubber gloves are available to use during handovers/ delivery.

All customers are required to cover their face with masks in accordance with all Govt. mandated guidelines. Customers can request for rubber gloves from our staff if required.

Physical distancing: 6 feet is the benchmark for all operations including nature walks, bicycle rentals & cycling tours.

Customers are empowered to raise concern over any discrepancies relating to physical distancing.

Cleaning Procedures - Bicycle hygiene & beyond

Bikepacking India as an organisation has always given cleanliness & general hygiene a priority over expanding our daily operations. It has been one of the core values at

Bikepacking India mainly due to extensive focus on service and better functioning of our bikes. But at the same time it now favors us to counter this pandemic.

In addition to already placed cleaning & hygiene practices we have transformed our cleaning to COVID-19 sanitizing & disinfecting practices.

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1 commentaire

Ekta Parnami
Ekta Parnami
27 avr. 2021

Like the out of delivery service & self guided tour option! Can continue to still go on a tour and being safe at the same time!


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