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2021 A look back

What a year this has been!
Since the beginning we knew 2021 was not going to be an easy one, it threw us some challenges but us cyclists know our gears 😁

Earlier this year we re-opened our tours with our unique night cycling tour with Jaipur Virasat Foundation.

After the overwhelming response from night cycling our spirits were high and even the second wave of covid could not bring us down. We hosted many online events with multiple collaborators & associations, new & old.

On 15 of August we relaunched our tours and conducted night cycling successfully through a 15 weeks streak.

When the winter came we moved to Amber & Beyond and continue to explore the hidden gems there ☺️

During the Second Wave of Covid I volunteered as a Relief Rider delivering essential supplies to the people in need.

I also volunteered as the Club Representative for Audax India coordinating many long distance endurance rides with them.

This year we also celebrated 100 years of Audax Club Parisien with the celebratory 200km on 11-September-2021.

I am thankful to the Jaipur Cycling Community for making me a part of, and having faith in my leadership in many community efforts.

All this was possible only through your love & support.

Everyone at Bikepacking India wishes you a very Happy New Year.
Hope you see you on the saddle again soon.

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Nikhil Parnami

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