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Bike Travel in India

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Cycling in India

Well, India is a special pouch of different amazing gems in the world for explorers, its rich and known for its culture and landscapes and the hospitality. And exploring on a bicycle it's one of the best ways to live and experience it.

It's been ages when people are traveling on a bicycle some do it cover distance where some do it for a leap of faith and some just love the life on the road.

How to Bike Travel in India?

Depending on different studies and experiences we have created this blog to help you to find your way.

If you plan your tour here are the few things you need to know before you start.

Everything depends on your time and your comfort zone.

I know people who have done touring on basic cycle and where people who feel their comfort zone start a 1000$ cycle. That's not wrong or being an idiot on both sides.

It's just touring is not a race. So, in the end, it doesn't matter what bicycle or equipment you choose, you are here for fun.


Your Bike

Find a bike which according to your height and comfort. It might be a touring bike or just another MTB/hybrid bike.

You can make changes in it, some people prefer front suspension where some replace it with a rigid fork, even some prefer to tour on a carbon frame cycle!

Panniers and Racks

Depending on how long you plan your tour. Most of the people use both front and rear rack including four panniers two small sizes in front and two large sizes at the rear for the setup as they plan a cross-country tour or covering multiple countries but they carry most of they carry everything with them, including tent to sleep and small camping kitchen items and supplies to cook whatever they want.

A set-up, best fit for your Tour

Another option is you can fix a rear rack with two large panniers and additional one duffel or dry gear bag on the top, you can fix the tent with the dry gear bag on the of the rack. You can even use a backpack and tie it up on a rack. Which is an easy going option for touring.

Camping Gear

Choose your Tent and sleeping bag according to the terrain and weather conditions. And if your comfort zone doesn't allow you to sleep in a tent go with the nearest hotel or home-stay.

If you decide to camp on your tour, you save some money and sleep in some crazy places. If not camping or hotels, you can sleep at monasteries and temples on your way.

Prefer to buy an all season tent and it will be best if it is lightweight.

Choose your sleeping bag according to the temperature and weight.

Food and Kitchen

Depending on the area you are planning to make a tour you can pack your food supplies, don’t take your stove until you love cooking while camping or you're are planning to visit a remote area!

You can get food is every part of India whether it is up in the Himalayas on Manali - Leh highway or hot Rajasthan towards Jaisalmer!

But always carry ready to eat supplies as chocolate or energy bars and maybe some dry fruits!


Electronics are a major part of our day to day lifestyle. They come in handy in bike packing too if packed smartly. They can help in capturing your favorite moments as well as can help you get out of sketchy situations.


The author suggests that you carry a very basic phone if you are carrying a Camera and some other electronic devices. Carrying a very simple phone that is sturdy gives you an advantage of running for weeks with a single charge and better reception in remote areas.

If one chooses to carry only a smartphone for all their needs it is of utmost importance that they choose that one gadget very carefully. There are phones that are specifically made for adventure and prove to be a lifesaver.

Solar Panel

Once you are out on the trails, there's very less certainty that you will ever want to get back into civilization very soon. Sure not soon enough for your cell phone battery to suffice. There are bike specific solar panels with inbuilt chargers.

These panels come with inbuilt charging adapters/batteries that you can use to replenish your lithium veins.

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