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Reflecting on Adventure Rajasthan Cycling Tours in 2023, the Year of Gratitude

Updated: Jan 3

Bikepacking India wishes you an adventurous New Year 2024!!!

We’ve had a wonderful 2023 and look forward to a bigger 2024! We wish the same for all our patrons, well-wishers and stakeholders!

We began 2023 with enthusiasm that we carried from a memorable 2022. After the COVID years, we were back with much-needed rejuvenated energy to start the year.

We aggressively networked beyond Jaipur and made good of all the new contacts. We were invited to the biggest regional travel and tourism fair, the SATTE (South Asia’s Travel & Tourism Exchange) which exposed us to new possibilities. We reconnected with many lost contacts, made many new ones and booked a record number of tours.


When we weren’t biking, we were hiking. When we weren’t hiking, we were walking. And we were repeating. We catered to people of all ages, from 12 to 80.

Active senior citizens confidently trekking through picturesque landscapes, embracing the joy of adventure.
Trekking for senior citizens


We connected architecture, heritage, culture, adventure, fitness, nature and leisure into one to give you experiential tours and unforgettable memories.


Check out our wide array of adventure cycling tours in Rajasthan here:

A couple embraces love, cycling, and adventure in Amber – showcasing the couple-friendly spirit of Bikepacking India.
Love, cycling and adventure intertwine in Amber – your couple-friendly choice!


We just couldn’t sit quietly so we also launched cycling expeditions for those who wanted a bespoke cycling experience while cycling over many days through the length and breadth of Rajasthan. Take a look at it here- 

Rent a bicycle for expeditions
Bikepacking Expeditions
Cycles on Rent in Rajasthan
Rajasthan's Premiere Bicycle Rental Service


A good entrepreneur makes the most of every opportunity the market brings and we rightly tapped into the bike rental market. The COVID years taught us to innovate and the rental market has kept us busy through the last many years.

Rent a bicycle in Jaipur here-

Our permanent well-wisher Jaipur Virasat Foundation invited us to put up our posters at their stall at the Rajasthan Domestic Travel Mart.

We consistently collaborated with various agencies, including the Indian Army. Our frequent collaborations with Corporates and fitness influencers have become our regular customers now and we couldn’t be more excited to get all the people to cycle.


Beyond the remunerative work, I continued volunteering as the Club Representative for Audax India coordinating many long-distance endurance rides with them.

Eager young French students at the start of a cycling tour with Bikepacking India.
Embarking on Adventure: Young French students full of enthusiasm as they kick off their cycling tour.


Everyone at Bikepacking India wishes you a very Happy New Year.

Hope you see you on the saddle again soon.


2024 has many more exciting experiences in store for us. Keep watching this space as we scale and push the envelope into new pastures. We can’t wait to take you along on this adventure.


Don't forget to write a review. It helps us serve you better.


Nikhil Parnami


Promoting sustainable livelihoods and sustainable tourism, one pedal at a time.



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