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Nestled in a forest in the east of Jaipur City is the revered pilgrimage site of Galta Ji. The banal sobriquet “Monkey Temple” is a moniker bestowed upon this historical site by the conventional tourism industry. The Galta Ji pilgrimage & Ashram was started by one of the most notable 16th century Hindu saints of the vaishnava tradition.


What will you see?

This ridge runs parallel with the Jaipur Delhi Highway, yet the peace and intrigue of this trail keeps us in a sort of a time warp away from the commotion. Still the “New Jaipur” can be overlooked many times on this trail as we walk through the dense bush trees on a well laid cobbled path leading to the mysterious Ambagarh/ Amagarh & Kilhangarh. The geographical location keeps the wildlife away because of their highly probable fear of human interaction but be ready to be surprised by monkeys, peacock and tree pies. The mountain top Sun Temple is a very good spot for both sunsets & sunrise.


Meeting Point: Galta Gate, Delhi Rd

Duration & Distance: 4 Hrs 7km

Difficulty: Moderate

Extended Walk: 10 km

Galta Ji (Monkey Temple) Ridge Hike

₹1,000.00 Regular Price
₹900.00Sale Price
    • Hike takes you through a well researched & documented trails curated exclusively for Bikepacking India guests.
    • Our hikes do not include any monument entry ticket.
    • For large groups we have a policy of guest to guide ratio of 8:1.
    • "Waiver for Liability" has to be signed by all guests at the beginning of the tour.
    • Head covers cap/hat are recommended, sunglasses are necessary.
    • Wear sneakers /comfortable shoes, clothing should be modest.
    • Do carry your own rain gear in case of overcast conditions.


    Get in touch with our representative for group discounts.

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