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How to prepare for a Triathlon

The Jaipur International Triathlon - 2018 is just a few weeks later. The buzz around the event has captured the intrigue of the entire fitness community across India.

The event attracts fitness enthusiasts and hardcore triathletes alike. Yet there are a lot of people that are still a little confused about the format of the event.

Here are a few simple helpful tips to overcome your inhibitions about Triathlons FOREVER>>>


Choose category wisely.

This could be the first triathlon for a lot of people. Hence it is advisable to not push yourself beyond your threshold too much and pick the right category according to you current fitness.

Train Smart

As a Triathlete you need to focus on your core competency areas. You need to plan the whole race the way you would design a battlement.

If you can gain a few minutes in your swim/run/bike then focus on that particular area in your training.

Gear Up

Your gear can make or break your race.

No need to buy that fancy carbon frame bike for your first attempt at Triathlons. A hybrid that is compatible to you can do wonders for you.

Make sure your other gear is in pristine condition with this small check list.

  1. Running shoes

  2. Helmet

  3. Sunglasses

  4. Swimming goggles,

  5. Bike shoes (Optional)

  6. Wet suit

Swim More Often

Efficiency in water can give you an extra advantage. Save precious time and energy during the race.

All it takes is to work on your swimming technique and it can do wonders to your overall race performance.

Be Race Ready!

Make sure you have all your race preps sorted. Do attend the pre-event BIB Expo. Practice your transitions by doing a mock duathlon/triathlon once in a week. Remember, prepare from the sidelines to glory. will be blogging twice a week with updates from the Jaipur International Triathlon-2018. Watch this space for more cycling related news/blogs/rental gear/expeditions.




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